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About Us

We are changing the lives of canine homeless. What one man goes wrong, another needs to be rectified.

We provide temporary care to dogs who (for any reason) have lost their owners. Most often because the original owner gave up. We find them new, better families, because the dog is to be the best friend of a person, not a homeless person. We give them a sense of security and the certainty that they care about them. They are not just a fashion accessory or a selling item..

The Czech Republic is called a country of dog lovers. There is no doubt about the number of dogs. To be a lover of dogs but (according to us) does not mean to own a dog. Everyone who takes the dog is responsible for it. For his comfort, for his health, filled and satisfied life.

For the dogs we have taken, we have also taken responsibility.
Taking care of them requires a lot of time, energy, skills, experience and last but not least finance.
That's why the shop was born - to support dogs looking for home.

Ája, Adam, Janka, Blanka, Beáta, Martina, Lucka, Káťa, Karča, Barča, Terka, Markéta, Gabka and the other tens, hundreds, thousands of people who joined together to change the world for the better. With your purchase at this e-shop you will also be yours ;-)


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